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In-Store Service

In-Store Computer Diagnostics and Repair Services

At PC Mart, we service all major brands of desktops and laptops. All of our in-store services are performed on a first-come first-fixed basis.

Cost of Service

A computer diagnostics service consists of extensive hardware examinations, stress tests, and operating system checks. The cost of the diagnostic service is $45 for desktop machines and $60 for laptops. For any services performed other than the diagnostics, we charge $45/hour. However, we only charge you for the time we work on your PC, not the time it spends in our store!

Service Time

Typical repairs take 1–2 business days but may take longer if we are extremely busy or your PC requires parts that we do not have in stock. You will be informed before any additional work is completed.

Laptop Repair

In-Store Service Procedure

  1. Check-In: You may drop off your PC at any time during our business hours and fill out a service request form.
  2. Evaluation and Diagnostics: We will perform an initial evaluation or diagnostic based on the information provided by you and prepare an estimate. Before performing any work on your PC, we will contact you and inform you of what solution suits your PC the best. We will also provide any options or suggestions we have.
  3. Service: If we receive approval from you, we will perform the needed work for your PC. We also download any available service packs and security updates for your operating system. Additionally, we clean the inside of your computer and recommend options to make your PC run at top performance.
  4. Pickup: When all PC repairs are complete, we will contact you and let you know that your PC is ready for pickup. Delivery may be arranged.